This page contains additional data supporting our paper

Origin, fate and dynamics of macrophages at central nervous system interfaces
Tobias Goldmann, Peter Wieghofer, Marta Joana Costa Jordão, Fabiola Prutek, Nora Hagemeyer, Kathrin Frenzel, Lukas Amann, Ori Staszewski, Katrin Kierdorf, Martin Krueger, Giuseppe Locatelli, Hannah Hochgarner, Robert Zeiser, Slava Epelman, Frederic Geissmann, Josef Priller, Fabio M V Rossi, Ingo Bechmann, Martin Kerschensteiner, Sten Linnarsson, Steffen Jung & Marco Prinz.

Published in Nature Immunology (PDF)

Download full dataset

The dataset is available in tab-delimited CEF file format.

  1. Download Mgl_Pvm_Mono_PMac.cef.

  2. Use ceftools to browse and filter the file. For example, tally the cell types using this command:

     cef --bycol tally --attr Subclass < Mgl_Pvm_Mono_PMac.cef 

Which yields

    Value Count
    Pvm2  33
    PMac  167
    Mgl1  17
    Mgl2  16
    Pvm1  32

The unnamed cells are the monocytes (as you can see by tallying the “Tissue” attribute).