LayerManager (class)

The LayerManager manages the layers attribute on a LoomConnection and provides a dict-like interface. Examples:

with loompy.connect("mydataset.loom") as ds:
    print(f"There are {len(ds.layers)} layers")
    for name, layer in ds.layers.items():
        print(name, layer.shape, layer.dtype)
class loompy.LayerManager(ds: Any)[source]

Manage a set of layers with a backing HDF5 file store

__init__(ds: Any) → None[source]

Create a LayerManager object.

last_modified(name: str = None) → str[source]

Return a compact ISO8601 timestamp (UTC timezone) indicating when the layer was last modified

Note: if name is None, the modification time of the most recently modified layer is returned

keys() → List[str][source]
items() → Iterable[Tuple[str, numpy.ndarray]][source]