ViewManager (class)

The ViewManager is used by the LoomConnection.view attribute to return an in-memory LoomView of a slice through the dataset. Examples:

with loompy.connect("mydataset.loom") as ds:
    myview = ds.view[:100, :100]  # Top-left 100x100 corner of the dataset
    print(myview.ra.Gene)  # Will print the 100 genes that are in the view

Views can also be created manually:

with loompy.connect("mydataset.loom") as ds:
    vm = loompy.ViewManager(ds)  # Create a view manager (this does not load any data)
    myview = vm[:100, :100]  # This returns a view of the top-left 100x100 corner
class loompy.ViewManager(ds: Any)[source]

Create views by slicing an underlying LoomConnection or LoomView