Source code for loompy.view_manager

import numpy as np
import loompy
from typing import *

[docs]class ViewManager: """ Create views by slicing an underlying LoomConnection or LoomView """ def __init__(self, ds: Any) -> None: self.ds = ds def __getitem__(self, slice_: Tuple[Union[slice, np.ndarray, int], Union[slice, np.ndarray, int]]) -> loompy.LoomView: """ Create a new view by slicing through the loom file or view Args: slice_ (2-tuple of slice, int or np.ndarray): How to slice the file or view Returns: A LoomView object, an in-memory representation of the sliced file """ if type(slice_) is not tuple or len(slice_) is not 2: raise ValueError("Views require slices along two dimensions") rows = slice_[0] cols = slice_[1] ra = self.ds.ra[rows] row_graphs = self.ds.row_graphs[rows] ca =[cols] col_graphs = self.ds.col_graphs[cols] layers = self.ds.layer[rows, cols] return loompy.LoomView(layers, ra, ca, row_graphs, col_graphs, filename=self.ds.filename, file_attrs=self.ds.attrs)